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Summer: Decorative Panel <br>JD_P_0049 JD_Phi_02 JD_Phi_03 JD_Phi_01 JD_JO_01 JD_JO_02 Llanthony Abbey<br>JD_P_0020 JD_P_0059 JD_P_0113 JD_P_0127 The Stack Yard<br>JD_P_0036 Disused Colliery Aberbeey<br>JD_P_0040 JD_S_00418a Tenby<br>JD_P_0072 Llangynidr<br>JD_P_0076 JD_P_0083 JD0461 JD00424 JD_P_0119 JD00411 JD_P_0124 JD_S_00959 JD_P_0128 JD_P_0219 JD_P_0224 JD_P_0229 JD_P_0230 Mushrooms<br>JD_P_0232 JD_P_S_002 JD_P_S_003 JD_P_S_004 JD_P_S_005 JD00002 JD_P_S_008 JD_P_S_009 JD00169 JD_P_S_011 JD_P_S_012 JD_P_S_013 JD00268 JD00283 JD00285 JD_P_S_016 JD_P_S_017 JD_S_00819 JD_P_S_019 JD_P_S_020 JD_P_S_021 JD_P_S_024 JD_P_S_025 JD_P_S_032 JD_P_S_033 JD_P_S_034 JD_P_S_026 JD_P_S_027 JD_S_00952 JD_P_S_029 JD_P_S_030 JD_S_00980 JD_S_00670 JD_S_00762