John Dixon Reflections on

Art, Authors, Literature, Style and Miscellaneous

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In this section there are reflections on:

Art in times of Unrest, Teaching Art, The Contemplation of Art, An Introduction to Art, Art is the altering and re-combing of, Analysis of pictures (Reynolds Ruskin Roger Fry), Colour, Colour mix, Colour intensity, How forms can correspond to colours, Colour movements through yellow green etc., Three kinds of contrast, Arrangement of tones, Line of must intensity, Tone, Water colours, Oil painting, Oil painting on paper, Storing paints in tubes, Fixing Pastel, Art (line), Background to flower painting, Tempera, Frames: Wall art plastic medium, The Rose, Massing of Breadth and Two paths.

This section covers the Authors that had an affect on John Dixons ideas:

George Cruikshank, Charles Dickens, Dickens was a Caricaturist, a Lecture about Charles Dickens, Pickwick, David Copperfield, Augment, The Gothic started it, The age of great Gusto, Thackeray, Thackeray and Dickens, Thackeray (Mayfair and Belgravia,The Ideal gentleman,Vanity Fair), George Eliot and Giotto.

This section refects on the Literature period of John Dixon:

The Play, Plays: As you like it, The Newcomes, The stream of consciousness, Moods, Fra Bartolommeo, Elizabeth Bowen, Rubens, The Novel, Construction in literature, Critical points in the story, The picaresque form, The castle of otranto by Walpole and The unmasking of a secret delinquent.

This section reflects on the developing of John Dixon the Artist:

Classical and Classicism, Greek, Byzantine, Pier Della Francesca, Stress of lines, The NABIS (prophets), Finish painter Fernando Gallegos and Fuseli’s style.

A section that deals with reflections on:

Books on the Theory of Art, Book: The art of botanical illustration by Wilfred Blunt, The book of wall paper E.A. Entwisle, Costume just before 1837, Hanging Fabrics, Silk screen printing, Lithography, Cork lino, Recent art books, John Dixon Monthly news sheet and Sunvic caravan 14th January 1960.