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South Wales Art Society and Abertillery Technical School Art Students:

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Abertillery (Webbs Brewery):

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“Clearly the Best” a history of Webbs brewery, Aberbeeg by Ray Morris . Published by Old Bakehouse Publcations, Abertillary, Gwent NP13 1EA. ISBN 1 874538 46 8 in February 1997. Pages 47 - 48 “Brondeg House, Aberbeeg was built for John R Webb and it was situated by the old woodman’s cottage. On the other side was a house named the Firs. After John R’s widow died the houses were occupied by the brewery staff. John Dixon the head brewer was at Brondeg at one time, he came to Webbs around 1920. Some of the local told that he came from a famous family of brewers, John Dixon was also a well-known artist. George Wynne, one-time landlord of the Cwm Hotel, Abertillery remembered going to Mr Dixon at Brondeg for art lessons. George also remembered a religious painting by John Dixon that might have been donated to St Michaels Church Abertillary. John Dixon was also associated with the Aberbeeg rugby team and photographs were often taken of the team at Brondeg or in the brewery yard.”

On page 34 of the monography, “Look back at old Aberbeeg & Llanhilleth (Vol.1)” by Ray Morris and Malcolm Thomas. ISBN 1 874538 97 2 in June 2001. Published by Old Bakehouse Publcations, Abertillary, Gwent NP13 1EA. Shows a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Dixon.

Saint Helens:

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