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John (Jack) Dixon Timeline


17 August 1889 - 25 March 1962

(written by his wife Mabel Dixon)

Born Norton-on-Tees 1889. Studied at Hereford, Manchester and Sheffield Schools of Art. Has taught art to large classes at Abertillery and Burtonwood. Exhibited at Conway, Liverpool art gallery, Manchester art gallery, Cardiff, Newport, St Helens, Warrington, Preston, Harris and many other provincial towns. Was for many years a member of the South Wales Art Society at Cardiff and demonstrated there on etchings and aquatint. Also on many occasions acted as one of the selectors of works of art for the annual exhibitions. Jack had two pictures accepted at Liverpool art gallery about 1916 or 1917. He was accepted as an Associate of the British Water Colour Society and was allowed to put ABWCS after his name.

He got John Hassal's Diploma for Art and is in the Art Book for 1919 as an artist.

A Diploma Member of Brewing, a Mason, a Buffalo, a Froth Blower, a Member of the Betterment Society. Councillor for 12 years on Abertillery & District Council during the 21 years we lived there, also Art Teacher. Nearly eight years on Burtonwood Council. Taught art free at Burtonwood. Taught art at Hoghton for Preston Council.

Jack painted what he called an altar piece for a church in Abertillery, also a portrait of an Alderman. He exhibited pictures at the Royal Academy and Royal Cumbrian Academy, Cardiff, Newport, Abertillery, St Helens, Preston, Warrington and many others. His pictures were also reproduced in the French Magazine "Revue Modern".

Sumame-Dixon Married Children
John Dixon (known as Jack) Mabel Hodgson married John Dixon on 17 January 1914
John Robert Hazel Lavinia Dove (Deirdre, Bruce (died age 23) Stuart and Sharon)
Mary Harry Lowe (Sandra and Diane)
Mabel Yvonne (died at age 171/£ and known as Yvonne) (never married) (no children)
Derek Margaret (Phillip and (Michael who died agel 9)
Jean (never married) (no children)
Anne (never married) (no children)

The above biography was typed by Deirdre, granddaughter of Mabel Dixon, after finding hand written notes by Mabel Dixon which were found in her father's effects (John Robert Dixon) after he died 13 February 2002.