17 August 1889

Born in Norton-on-Tees, Durham

Started painting whilst at the Cathedra School in Hereford

Persuaded his parents to let him to go to art school in Manchester

January 17th 1914

Married and lived in a house in Springfield Road, Leeds


Head Brewer's post at Liverpool


Was accepted as an Associate of the British Water Colour Society

Two pictures accepted at Liverpool Walker Art Gallery. One was a Pastel called "The Church, Aberbeey".


John Hassal's Diploma for Art and is in the Art Book as an artist


Post at Putney as a brewer

Abertillery District Council as an Independent. He was on the Council for twelve years

Bought printing business in Richmond, was offered a position at Aberbeeg


Aberbeeg, Monmouthshire

Member of the Masons, Buffaloes and Ancient Order of Froth Blowers

Joined the South Wales Art Society (Cardiff)


Sketched The Duke of Windsor whilst he was talking to the miners

Painted a very large picture for the church in Abertillery which he called his alter piece of Mary with the child Jesus and the shepherds

Abertillery District Council as an Independent. He was on the Council for twelve years

A French reviewer chose certain paintings to be reproduced in the French magazine "Review Modern"

Approximately February 24th 1941

Burtonwood Brewery

Stood for the Burtonwood Council and was on it for about 8 years

Joined the St Helen's Art Club and sent pictures for Exhibition to Warrington and Preston also London

December 1946

Left Burtonwood after Christmas and moved to New Longton, near Preston

January 1st 1951

Started at Wilkins Brewery.

Joined the Preston Scientific Society and they had lectures and exhibitions

Usually had pictures exhibited at the yearly exhibitions at Preston

25th March 1962

John (Jack) Dixon died due to a Heart Condition

September 11th 2018

Alex Patterson, Assistant Curator (Fine Art),

Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, National Museums Liverpool

Stated that they keep records about artists who are connected to the Walker Art Gallery and so if we don’t mind they would keep these details in their files for future reference. Alex Patterson also stated that "it’s so important to keep adding to our archives for future generations and research."

October 2nd 2018

Tony Hopkins, County Archivist

Gwent Archives, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale

It was suggested that John Dixon was an unsung figure in the area and his work should be better known.

As an archive service, Tony Hopkins said that he would be interested in any papers that he (John Dixon) or his family may have left.